Australian Human Resources Institute Breach 01-feb-24

Australian Human Resources Institute Breach 01 Feb 2024

AHRI has notified customers of a security breach in February 2024 that allowed a threat actor to prompt customers to download a fake browser update.

“In February 2024, an unauthorised person/s accessed the website via AHRI’s website provider and installed a script and malware on the AHRI website, which were active between 1 and 2 February 2024″

The AHRI is listed on the Agend website as a success story, with AHRI quoted as saying, “The Agend Pro team are great to work with. They have the ability to guide and recommend solutions that keep our members at the heart of the solution.”



That sound you heard was Agend being thrown under the blame bus.

Lets hope both sides paid attention to the Service Level Agreement.

The Blame Bus


There is no information available regarding if or how many customers may have been impacted by the breach.


AHRI uses Marketing Resource Management (MRM) platform Agend to host their website and member services. Agend is built on WordPress using a combination of the WordPress CMS and third-party / Agend plugins.


AHRI has communicated directly with customers via email and there are no references to the incident on its website.


It is noteworthy that Agend has no documentation regarding the security of its services or what, if any, certifications they are compliant with.

Agend does recommend that customers encourage the use of MFA for accounts. Which would be a lot more meaningful if AHRI had MFA as an option for its accounts.


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